The Distilling Project

NOISE is collaborating with Scottish indie-folk band Admiral Fallow on a new project.

Admiral FallowWorking with composer Gareth Williams (Hirda, The Sloans Project) and librettist Siân Evans (Hirda) we will together be exploring how to make an opera that appeals to both indie music fans and opera aficionados. Under the working title The Distilling Project, the band will work with two opera singers looking at a scenario based around the broad theme of distilling.

In December we held an open workshop with the band, which you can see in our new promo video (above).

Since forming in 2007, Admiral Fallow have risen to international acclaim with their unique brand of Scottish folk-inspired pop. Combining songwriting craft with ambitious arrangements and poetic lyricism, the band have earned a devoted global following and toured extensively around the world. Previous collaborators include the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and Auricle Ensemble (watch below).