Festival 2018

3 Operas in 1

August 06 – 12

Glasgow Festival 2018 Celebrations

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Jamie MacDougall in The Sloans Opera

The Sloans Opera by Gareth Williams and David Brock 

This wonderful piece will  return to  Sloans Bar and Restaurant. We will present some of the existing scenes as well as two brand new 15 minute pieces specially commissioned for the cultural festival which will accompany the European Championships in Glasgow.

          Crimson Birl by JANET MCCRORIE

Ceilidh by Scott Gilmour and Claire McKenzie.

A moment of connection might change a life for ever. An unexpected evening leads to a life of searching, consequence and of course, dancing! Commissioned from award-winning writing partnership Noisemaker, comes this unique opera packed with singing, dancing and immersive storytelling. So grab your partner and come join us.

Love Speaks by Kevan O’Reilly and Jenny Knotts

NOISE has commissioned this new opera to celebrate Scotland’s powerful and progressive decision to make PrEP available on the Scottish NHS. The drug used for Pre Exposure Prophylactic, emtricibine tenofir disopraxil fumarate, protects men and women from contracting the HIV virus. Making it available is a huge step in the prevention of the proliferation of the virus and shows how the LGBTI+ community and all of Scotland’s population is cherished and cared for.

Mon., August 06, 19.30,      Tues., August 07, 19.30,     Wed., August 08, 19.30,     

Fri., August 10, 14.00 and 18.00,          Sun., August 12, 13.00


Marie Claire Breen, Carolyn Calder, Jamie MacDougall, Douglas Nairne, Kenneth Reid,

Shuna Scott Sendall

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The Distilling Project – new trailer!

Watch the new Distilling Project trailer, featuring some of the material produced at our workshop with Admiral Fallow in December…

The Distilling Project:

NOISE is collaborating with Scottish indie-folk band Admiral Fallow on a new project.

Admiral FallowWorking with composer Gareth Williams (Hirda, The Sloans Project) and librettist Siân Evans (Hirda) we will together be exploring how to make an opera that appeals to both indie music fans and opera aficionados. Under the working title The Distilling Project, the band will work with two opera singers looking at a scenario based around the broad theme of distilling.

More about Admiral Fallow and The Distilling Project here…

The Sloans Opera is back!

Grab a pint (or a G&T) and get ready for opera like you’ve never seen it before; the world class Sloans Opera is back.

sloans53After being performed in Canada and selling out at the Edinburgh Festival, the Sloans Opera returns to Glasgow’s oldest pub this July for just seven performances.

Unpretentious and utterly brilliant, the Sloans Opera is a must-see operatic feast taking you on a journey through the pub as the story unfolds right in front of you.

A powerful tale of love, life and death – opera fan or not – this is a one of a kind experience you’ll never forget.

“…amazing and often quite magical”
–  Alan Cooper, STV

“… puts opera ‘in yer face’ with impressive flair” – Mary Brennan, Glasgow Herald

The Cast:

Marie Claire Breen
Cheryl Forbes
Jamie MacDougall
Douglas Nairne

Gareth Williams conductor

James Robert Carson director

Catherine Deverell designer


Sloans Bar, Glasgow

Sunday 24 July – 2pm

Tuesday 26 July – 7pm

Wednesday 27 July – 7pm

Thursday 28 July – 7pm

Friday 29 July – 2pm & 7pm

Sunday 31 July – 1pm

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Shetland In Glasgow

We had two great days in Glasgow with composers Chris Stout and Gareth Williams colaborating with our writer Sian Evans. They were wonderful times full of creativity and excitement. Hats off to this incredibly talented trio. It is no easy job to open yourself up to working with other people and find a way to make something together. Thank you to all of them.

Happy Days on Fair Isle

Happy Days on Fair Isle

Making Friends

Making Friends

Until The Glass Shatters

The talented composer and librettist team of Gareth Williams and David James Brock who wrote The Sloans Project have created this beautiful piece of work:

Shuna Sendall Marie Claire Breen Alistair Digges Laura Baxter premiered this piece in Glasgow on Friday. It was part of of a Breath Cycle conference at Scottish Opera.

Breath Cycle
With the support of The Wellcome Trust, Gareth has created ‘Breath Cycle’ (with libretto by David James Brock) at the Respiratory ward at Gartnavel Royal Hospital, where he is making songs and opera specifically for patients with Cystic Fibrosis. The material is bespoke to lung capacity, range, and ability, and the effects of singing on respiratory health are being monitored and measured. As the patients can not physically spend time together, most of this project is being developed and presented online.